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Wow! this is good! I’m a genius!

Wow! this is good! I’m a genius!


Seidou Team's catcher: Miyuki Kazuya (✿◠‿◠)

baby miyuki 


“A catcher’s mitt was unlike any other gloves and it’s the only position that squats down on the field, looking at everyone. I was incredibly enticed by that. That was how I became a catcher.


Articuno, the “freeze” Pokemon, can chill moisture in the air to make snow fall. Zapdos, the “electric” Pokemon, releases lightning by flapping its glittering wings. Moltres, the “flame” Pokemon, is a one-of-a-kind bird whose fiery dust can bring early spring to wintery lands. Mew, the “new-species” Pokemon, can make itself invisible at will, causing people to assume it’s a mirage. Mewtwo, the “genetic” Pokemon, is engineered to be the ultimate Pokemon; it’s said to have the most savage heart. Raikou, the “thunder” Pokemon, can fly by creating storm clouds. Entei, the “volcano” Pokemon, spouts flames hotter than magma. Suicune, the “aurora” Pokemon, is the embodiment of north winds. Celebi, the “time-travel” Pokemon, only shows itself during times of peace. Jirachi, the “wish” Pokemon, hibernates for extensive periods. It wakes up for a week in a thousand years; during this time, it can grant wishes. Deoxys, the “DNA” Pokemon, shoots lasers from the crystalline organ in its chest. Dialga, the “temporal” Pokemon, can speed up time, slow it down, or stop it completely. Palkia, the “spatial” Pokemon, can create alternate realities. Giratina, the “renegade” Pokemon, can travel through dimensions besides those of time and space; it’s said to be banished to another realm for violent behavior. Arceus, the “alpha” Pokemon, safeguards Earth, protecting it from cataclysms like meteors. Reshiram, the “vast-white” Pokemon, has a jet-engine-like tail that sends flames into the air to incinerate everything around it. Zekrom, the “deep-black” Pokemon, possesses a conical tail that produces electricity and emits an anti-gravity field, allowing it to fly through the air with mimimal effects from aerodynamic resistance. Kyurem, the “boundary” Pokemon, is hostile to everything, supposedly having eaten both Pokemon and humans. Alright, that’s it for PokeMonday; good night, y’all.

LEGENDS, by RJ Palmer, Alector Fencer, and Kimberley Petrie.


Love or money lol this sums me up
 I know which one I will choose but I will keep it to myself lol… #virgos chime in.  #money #love #virgonation #decisions


Love or money lol this sums me up
I know which one I will choose but I will keep it to myself lol… #virgos chime in. #money #love #virgonation #decisions


I want to play this game before it gets old.


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